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5 Things Your Guests Could Care Less About At Your Wedding

We understand that every bride and groom wants to WOW their guests with impeccable decor, delicious food and over-the-top surprises. From choreographed bridal party dance to late night food truck treats, it's often the little details that matter most. However, with that being said, we feel it's time to let the truth be told: more times than not all your guests are concerned about is having fun and cutting a rug! Not buying it? Here are 5 things only the bride and groom are worried about at your wedding—not your guests:

1. Ceremony Programs

Unless it's a hot, summer wedding—and your guests are using the programs to fan themselves—odds are they'll be discarded faster than the groom can kiss his bride. While a novel idea in theory—after all, they do list names of the parents and members of the party—in today's era of DIY chalkboard signs, the same can be accomplished without everyone leaving them on their seat.

2. Expensive Linens

Oh, you thought your college best friend would notice if you paid for the "expensive" linens over the "budget-friendly" options? Think again. Save yourself the money and opt for quality linens that match seamlessly with your décor and colors. If you want to make a splash, dress up simple tablecloths with centerpieces, candles or other arrangements that stand out.

3. Wedding Party Introductions

Actually, maybe they DO care about the announcements—but probably not in the way you hoped. With everything else your guests will be sitting through—the toasts, dances, cake-cutting, etc.—the last thing anyone wants to do is sit through a lengthy wedding party introduction. If you must, keep it quick and roll it right into getting the party started so everyone can be on their feet and having fun!

4. Cake Flavor or Design

If you have a cake—or any dessert for that matter—chances are your guests are happy campers. In fact, we dare you to step out-of-the-box and offer something different: cake pops, an ice cream bar or even tiers of cupcakes.

5. Wedding Flavors

Customized favors are quickly becoming a thing of the past and truthfully, we couldn't be more excited. Who needs a 4-pack of coasters with another couple's name plastered across it anyway? Instead, opt for useful, yet generic gifts such as beer holders. Better yet, hire a photo booth to steal the show. Guests will have a blast parading in front of the camera and love being able to bring home their printouts as their very own souvenirs—that's what we call a win-win.