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5 Ways To Include Your Parents In Your Wedding

Everyone knows that a wedding is a big day for the bride and groom. And while the focus will—and should—be on them, it's important to remember that this day holds a special importance to remember that this day holds a special importance to the parents as well. To help ensure both the bride and groom's parents are involved, here's a quick recap of some of their most important roles they can play on the big day:

Planning Process

Don't forget to keep mom and dad in the loop as you make your way through the various stages of planning your wedding—especially if they're contributing financially.

Bring them along to venue showings, taste tests and certainly the mothers should attend the dress fittings. While this is all exciting and new to you, it's also a surreal moment for your parents and they will no doubt want to be involved.

Walking Down the Aisle

While before the groom would already be standing in wait for his bride to be, it's clear that times are changing—and for the best. Now, mom and dad can both walk the groom down the aisle before taking their seats in the front.

Next comes to the mother of the bride escorted by someone in the wedding party or perhaps a brother of the bride, before the father of the bride and his stunning daughter take their walk down the aisle. This allows all of the parents to hve their moments with their children right before handing them off to be wed—and allowing for an additional few photos we might add.

Reading Scriptures / Poems

If you're considering having scriptures or poems read at your ceremony, why not give your parents with that paricular honor? Unless they are hesitant to speak in public (which you should respect) this would be another great memory of their impact on your nuptials.

Giving Speeches

It's hard to say when the best time is for a parental speech, but no doubt there will be opportunities. Whether your dad decides to stand up at the Rehearsal Dinner or share a champagne toast to his daughter and new husband, embrace the words, sentiments and advice he shares with you that day.

Father / Daughter, Mother / Son Dances

Finally, the timeless tradition of the Father/Daughter and Mother/Son dances will always be special. Remember, the spotlight is on just the two of you, so make sure you're engaged with one another, enjoying the moment and chose a song that truly speaks to you both. While not everyone is comfortable dancing, this is absolutely one thing you do not want to miss out on.

In the end, your wedding is no doubt going to be a wonderful event for everyone to enjoy and look back on. At Touchstone Golf, our hope is that everyone finds their perfect role to play, helping to leave an everlasting impression on the minds and hearts of all that attended.