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Your Go-To Checklist For Out Of Town Guests!

Here's the information your guests need—and what you should provide—for loved ones coming into town for your wedding.

Wedding + Times

Depending on whether your guests are in the wedding or not will change the times they need to be ready. Have a handy list for them so they know what to expect.

Closest Airports, Trains Or Bus Stations

Hotel Reservations

After you've reserved a room block for your guests, make sure to pass along that information for those needing to make reservations.

Rental Car Info

Give them a few options to choose from if they aren't planning to book a rental car at the same time of their flight.

A "Welcome Basket"

Say thank you for making the trip by providing a mini welcome basket full of treats and important information, such as: directions to the wedding/reception, important contact numbers and details of any pre-wedding functions.

Emergency Kit

Something small to go inside the "Welcome Basket" with band-aids, over-the-counter medications and a sewing kit.

Places To Eat

Make a list of your favorite spots to grab a bite to eat, so they know where to adventure in between festivities.

Printable Checklist