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5 Tips For The Groom-To-Be

We have no doubt that most grooms are perfectly fine with the tradition of a bride-designed wedding. As the primary planners, women have a knack for the small details, color schemes and floral arrangements. With that being said however, it's important for the groom not only be represented throughout the wedding, but to support and help withthe decision making to alleviate stress from the bride. Here are our 5 best tips for grooms leading up to the big day:

1. Be Helpful in the Research Process

Planning a wedding is no easy feat. From venue locations to entertainment and caterers to attire, there are more questions than there are answers in the beginning. Take the time to sit down with your bride-to-be and make a list of what matters to the both of you. Next, work together to research and book appointments that work for both of your schedules, so she isn't the only one doing all the work.

2. Be Available for Vendor Meetings and Tastings

Gentlemen, you want to be at the food tastings—trust us, it's the most delicious part of the process. Aside from that however, you should want to be a part of the process. Aside from that however, you should want to be a part of the decisions, such as: what songs to play, the flavor of the cake and where the wedding will be held in the first place. Imagine walking into your wedding and not seeing you own style throughout—would it be a party you enjoyed? Make sure you're available to be at as many meetings as possible so you are both creating a day that reflects you both seamlessly.

3. Ask How You Can Help

In the weeks leading up to your nuptials all of the big decisions will be made, yet so many last-minute tasks must be attened to. Decorations to be organized or made, place holders, wedding favors, etc. are all tedious jobs that your bride certainly doesn't want to do alone. Check in and ask how you can be helpful to the process—just the gesture itself will be appreciated.

4. Write Your Own Vows

Don't screw this one up guys—it's your job to get this done! If you both agree to write your own vows, don't wait until last minute to write a few insincere sentences on a paper napkin. Instead, take the time to truly reflect on your relationship and all there is yet to come! Bonus points for making her both laugh and cry!

5. Send a Small Gesture

Finally, despite the small bridal party army surrounding your soon-to-be wife on the big day, there no doubt will be a lot of emotions running high for everyone. Work to ensure that everything is being accomplished that needs to be so she can enjoy being pampered, as she gets ready for the biggest day of your lives. Help her to stay calm by sending her a love note or perhaps a small token of your excitement and love for her—anything from you will surely bring a smile to the face you'll see walking down the aisle soon enough.