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Your Guide To Taking Amazing Wedding Day Pictures

The most important part of a wedding is the couple, and at the end of the day, that's all that matters. You've spent hours planning, the venue is set, you've picked your perfect dress, invitations are sent, and the cake is ordered. While all of these things are essential to your wedding, don't forgo the importance of a great wedding photographer, and the tangible memories you will get to keep forever.

Not sure where to start with a photographer? Utilize the list of photography vendors that already work with the golf course. If the golf course recommends a photographer, chances are they have photographed at the property before, and are familiar with some of the best spotson the course. But if you or your photographer is unfamiliar with the course, here are a few great tips for capturing breathtaking photos on your wedding day.

Bridges and Landmarks

Many golf courses have bridges or key structural landmarks on the course. These are great photo opportunities and priovide a unique setting for unforgettable photos.

Lakes and Water Features

Golf courses and lakes go hand in hand. Just ask any golfer about the numerous amounts of golf balls they've donated to them. Many golf courses also have great water features that enhance the aesthetics and innate beauty of the property. Naturally, these make for a classic background while keeping the couple as the main focal point.

Iconic Trees and Lush Backgrounds

Golf courses are known for well manicured greens and fairways which are set amongst the natural topography of the land. Many course architects will build with this in mind and utilize large trees and dramatic landscapes as an integral part of the course. Photos like these really make a statement.

It's All About the View

Naturally, any great view is a no brainer when it comes to photography. In fact, views are so important you may have opted to pay more for the "ocean view" on your honeymoon. If the golf club you've chosen has any high points with a great view, a photo here is a must.

You're at a Golf Course, So Have Fun With It!

Some of your most popular photos are those that are themed after, you guessed it ... golf! These photos are fun and whimsical and will be enjoyed by you and your wedding party for years to come. There are so many fun ways to do this and whether you are a golfer or not, these photos are sure to bring a huge smile to your face.