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Bridal Suite Must-Haves!

Check these off your list for the perfect suite set up!

On-Site Makeup

Not only will you want your makeup artist to set up inside the suite, but you should also have lotion, makeup remover, extra mascara and foundation on hand just in case. And don't forget an extra mirror or two!

Hair Essentials

Stock the suite with extra bobby pins (in every color), hairspray and a few headbands to keep the hair out of your faces when applying makeup.

First Aid + Sewing Kits

It's better to be safe than sorry! Grab a kit that has: aspirin, ibuprofen, feminine products, band-aids, allergy medicine and eye drops. And don't forget the sewing kit!

Treats To Nibble On

Especially if there's a bottle or two of champagne being passed around, you'll want to make sure food is on hand. Fruit trays, cheese and crackers or mini sandwiches are always great to nibble on.

Power Strips

With all the curling irons, hair straighteners, phone chargers, and steamers needing to be plugged in at once, odds are you'll run out of outlets! Good thing you remembered to bring extra power strips!


There will be a lot of people excited to see you on your big day, but it's important to have boundaries to prevent chaos and stress.