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6 Reasons You Should Have A Winter Wedding

Trying to decide which season to have your wedding? Of course, they all have their own special reasons for alluring couples in springtime abounds with gorgeous flowers, summer is perfect for outdoors and fall embraces the rich colors of the autumn leaves—but what about winter? Sure, a white wonderland is beautiful, but most couples opt to stay away from the chill of the winter months. Here's the thing, though: an "out of season" wedding has more perks than just the discounted price points—here's 6 reasons you SHOULD consider a winter wedding:

1. Value

First things, first: the value. Weddings held between the months of November through April tend to be almost 40% cheaper than summer time or fall weddings. This holds particularly true for venue locations, but with this time of year being the "slow season" most caterers, photographers and entertainers also offer discounted pricing.

2. The Dress

Most dresses and collections go on sale right after the busy wedding season, so purchasing your dress in November or December will save you a fortune on dresses that just rocked the runways earlier that season. Take advantage of end-of-season trunk sales and you'll find a dress you love without the sticker shock!

Additionally, as opposed to the summer weddings where fears of wearing too much can overheat a bride, the winter is the perfect time for adding gloves or a fur shawl for added emphasis on style and elegance.

3. The Décor

With the main base color of winter weddings being snow white or ivory, you have full reign to make a splash with bold, jewel-toned colors such as ruby red, sapphire, or amethyst. Anything against the white or cream backdrop is bound to stand out.

And don't forget going all in for a timeless and classic christmas themed wedding: red and white with accents of green holly, mistletoe hanging from the entryways, and beautiful snow and dusted centerpieces.

4. Not Too Hot

If there's one thing we can say with certainty, it's that there's no fear of sweating throughout a winter wedding. As far as weather goes, you know what to expect during the winter months. Should it snow, we suspect it will only add to your gorgeous décor and theme for your wedding—not to mention the stage it will set for your photos!

5. Sweet Treats

When is there ever a better time for a S'more bonfire and DIY hot chocolate bar than at a winter wedding? You could also serve up delicious spiked eggnog or mulled wine at the bar—two things that would never show up at a summertime wedding. The sweet and warming treats will wow your guests against the backdrop of your white wonderland.

6. Perfect Time to Escape

One word: honeymoon. Perhaps the best reasons to plan a winter wedding is for the warm-weathered vacay on the other side! How perfect does hopping on a plane in the cold and landing in the islands sound for mid January? Excuse us while we daydream of margaritas and palm trees!