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How To Choose Wedding Vendors You Will Love


When choosing a venue it's important to consider a few things:

  • First: Do you want to have the ceremony and reception at the same place?
  • Second: Do they provide the spaces you are looking for. ie: outdoor vs. indoor?
  • Third: Do they have all-inclusive options that also provide food and beverage, seating, entertainment, etc.—and is this even a good thing? If you are looking to hire outside catering, you must find a venue that permits that.

Your venue should reflect the vibe and theme you are looking to express at your wedding. Beach-themed weddings would obviously do well at venues on sandy white beaches or at a yacht club. Bohemian weddings are beautiful at venues with outside gardens or vineyeards to stroll through and enjoy. If you're concerned about the weather, we always suggest a venue that has a backup option in the event of inclement weather.


If your venue does not provide a food and beverage package—or you choose to go with someone else—this is the time to truly WOW your guets with what you serve. The food should have options for everyone—carnivores, vegetarians and kids—and should express your own foodie addictions. Obsessed with tacos, pizza or gelato? Many couples are now hiring food trucks to bring the items they love right to the venue space.


While many people assume that all photographers are relatively similar aside from their prices, nothing could be further from the truth. In reality photographers are often highly specialized, which means not every company will be the right fit for your wedding.

To find a photographer that will capture the day, first look online at sites like and search wedding photography. This will give you and idea of what you like style-wise: light and airy, bohemian, retro, black and white, etc. Next interview a handful of photographers and compare their portfolios to the images you have determined is the style of photography you would like. Pro tip: if they don't have a portfolio ... RUN!


Finally, this decision comes down to a few considerations and decisions as well:

  • First: Do you want a DJ, band or orchestra?
  • Second: During Which parts of your reception will these entertainers be performing?
  • Third: What genre of music are you interested in having at the reception: classic, oldies, pop, r&b, etc.

Once you make those decisions, it's often a great—and fun—idea to go listen to several of them perform at public events. Pay attention to the energy of the crowd, the volume and quality of the equipment and if you enjoy listening to them play. Most of all, you should find an entertainer that will help you and your guests to cut a rug all night long!